Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally Some News!!

OK, while I STILL don't have a surgery date I do have my last consult date before the surgery and that is Nov. 11th!! Yeah!! I am so excited and have been doing lots of reading and researching so I'll be properly prepared! I want to be the perfect patient & do everything I'm told to do! The delay for me is that I have Medicare & Medicare requires that the facility is a Center of Excellence & that involves inspections & all kinds of stuff...the facility is new & has met all the requirements except for one last inspection!! Come on...inspect it already! My surgeon himself has a rating of excellence, but it's the building that needs it now! But anyway....it's getting closer now.....those dreaded "before" photos coming soon.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm so excited to be starting this blog! I named my blog Terri's Release because I can so relate to how so many people say they feel trapped in their bodies & I am ready to be released! It is a major milestone in my life. After so much "drama" in my life lately I have finally started to take control in every aspect & it's way past due! I am preparing now to have weight loss surgery, the Duodenal Switch procedure. Meet my Dr. & read more about the surgery HERE. Some people say it's a drastic move, but I have a LOT of weight to lose & simply can't do it on my own. The thought is too enormous for me & I need help, so this is what I have chosen after months of prayer & weighing the pros & cons. I realize I need to re-learn how to eat and this procedure will help me do it. Of course, this blog will only represent my feelings & experiences & is not to be taken out of context. I welcome your support & ask for no negative remarks to be left here, as I will need to remain as positive thinking as possible to be successful with this. So....here I go....keep me in your prayers! I will post my surgery date SOON...or at least I hope it's soon! I'll begin adding pics, too, altho I dread that part! LOL